Re: minimal system requirements to run Circle?

From: Fili (cybom@NETROPOLIS.NET)
Date: 08/09/98

Steve Reeves wrote:

> Hi all.. I recently got an entirely new computer system, and intend on
> running some flavor of Linux on it.. (either Slackware or Debian.. can't
> decide which.) .. and, anyway, I was wondering ig my current system would
> be powerful enough to handle running a circle server?  The new system is:

Redhat! I use it, and it works quite well for me :)

> Also, one of the things I hope I can add in is a "Kingdom" system, where
> you'd have PC Kings (or Queens) for entire zones.. and the Kings can
> appoint princes, dukes, etc... and amass armies and goto war with other
> "Kingdoms" or whatnot.  (with the winner getting control of the other


> could base this system on ("supercharge" some guild code, in a manner of
> speaking) or would it be best for me to do this on my own from scratch?
> Or, for that matter, is this sort of thing even feasible under Circle?

Oh, its quite feasable. I started coding something like this on DarkStar in
fact. Quite intresting what happened really. After about 3 days of coding I
realized basically how much I didnt know about C and gave up :) I only
started reworking it a few weeks ago to possibly -- POSSIBLY -- add later. If
you havent read and memorized structs.h, now is the time to do it!


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