Value setting on the fly

From: Phillip A. Ames (kirk47@JUNO.COM)
Date: 08/12/98

Hey all, I've finally gotten the vehicles to work, and came up with an
idea.  As my MUD is Star Trek based, I thought it would be pretty cool if
there was something you could use, similar to a hatch on the vehicle,
that would allow them to "beam up/down" on the vehicles to the planets,
or other vehicles, etc.  I have some of the preliminary code done on
this, and was going to see if my second idea for them was possible.  The
object value #0 is going to be the room to "beam" the players to, I was
wondering if it was possible to set the object value 2 on the fly to the
room vnum that they beamed from, so they could beam right back down to
the same room.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!!


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