Re: [DGEVENTS] [NEWBIE] Patching DGEvents

From: Phil Summers (Phillip.Summers@TIUK.TI.COM)
Date: 08/12/98

> Hi. I downloaded DGEvents p5a  <snip> typed "patch <dg_events.wotnot.patch",
> but it didn't actually explain how to patch the actual patch file
> -- Andrew Ritchie.

You've already patched them, that's what *patch < blah* does.

Check for *.rej files, look in them, read the man page for patch, get
yourself a *strong* coffee and then hand patch the contents of the rej

Or better still :
  replace your new files with a backup from before you applied the patch
   (you *do* have a backup don't you?!)
  then go through the patch file and patch the whole thing by hand, although
  this will take you a good hour or so for dg_events.

Why do I say this is better?

  Well, if you do it all by hand, you'll get a far better understanding
  of the code, and you may prevent errors that can sometimes creep in
  with patching already modified code.

Happy Patching


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