Re: [DG SCRIPTS] Need soem help with a script.

From: Daniel Staudt (dstaudt@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 08/12/98

no offense people but look at what he sent
you wrote

if rand(15)
shout Leave me ALONE!
c 'shocking grasp'
c 'fireball'
c 'energy drain'
c 'damnation'
c 'lightning bolt'
if rand(20)
c 'flamestrike'
c 'stone'
c 'chill touch'
c 'color spray'

you are useinng an if else settup. so when it goes in the first group it
then goes to tthe botttem. if the rand is 0 it goes to the next if and
so on. if you want to it tto do all of them hack the elses(or replace
them with endif don't know the systack of dg)

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