Re: Newbie? Death System

From: Dan Argent (Daniel.2.ARGENT@SB.COM)
Date: 08/12/98

     Sorry If I've posted this twice, but I'm not sure that it got through
     last time........

     I'm not currently coding on my mud, but I was going to have a
     AFF_ASTRAL flag, for use by mages. This would mean changes to do_look
     since astral beings could only see other astral beings, in fact
     changes to most of the major functions. Astral mages/ beings would
     only be able to pick up astral objects, Astral travel would cost no
     MP, just a loss of mana to cast the spell, but astral combat would
     kill you just as dead as normal combat.

     The one problem that I can see, is that I would have to create a
     character XXX's physical body mob/ object (could he be carried by his
     quest buddies?) to leave behind when he went astral, and any attack on
     this would snap the mage back to his body, into a middle of a fight.

     Obviously astral would have to occur somewhere hidden.

     So, the question is, How would I create a named mob, with the players
     name, who would be automatically set to position sleeping, and where
     it would be best to check if a mob was an "physical body mob".


     Ps. - Another thought - how would astral worn objects save.....?


>Ok, well I'm new to the mailing list...I'm wondering if anyone has ever tried
>to revamp the original Circle death code. I am currently working on a project
>of making the character into a ghost upon death and must find a temple to
>at before rising once again from their corpse. This goes along with my
>Diety/god system though has no effect as of yet. I am looking for any
>guidelines or aid I could use in turning the character into a ghost?
>description, properties, etc.

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