From: Warren Robbins (tonyr@NWPACLINK.COM)
Date: 08/13/98

I don't know if I'm cranky, tired, or frustrated, but last I checked, this
mailing list wasn't for breastfeeding code.  Please buy a C book.  I don't
want to sound insulting, but this list wasn't created to write the code
_FOR_ you.  Please read the appropriate FAQs.

In do_who, act.informative.c... (from memory, and mailer code)

sprintf(buf + strlen(buf), "[%2d %s] %s %s", GET_LEVEL(tch), CLASS_ABBR(tch), GET_NAME(tch), GET_TITLE(tch));

You will need to make a RACE_ABBR macro in utils.h for this to work, for

#define RACE_ABBR(ch) pc_race_types[GET_RACE(ch)]

Before the %2d in do_who, add a %s.  Before GET_LEVEL(tch), add
RACE_ABBR(tch).  It may be ch, or wch, I can't remember, but you _SHOULD_
be able to determine it by looking at relevant code.

For more howtos, patches, and/or snippets, please refer to:

On Thu, 13 Aug 1998, Emperor wrote:
> At 09:51 PM 8/13/98 -0400, you wrote:
> >Send the class to the array and it will return a pointer ...
> >
> >sprintf(buf + strlen(buf), "Race: %s", pc_races[GET_RACE(ch)]);
> >
> >or something similar to that.
> >
> >Okay,
> >    JinX

*snipped for brevity*

> where would i put this??

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