Re: [BPL11] easy color patch

From: Anthony Rye (ajrye@ONE.NET)
Date: 08/14/98

On Mon, 27 Jul 1998, Scorn wrote:

> it works fine but when i type something like:  say &R say
> hi in red but then all text turns red and stays red until i type
> look......any ideas why that would happen?

 Ya gotta turn it off example:

 ??? says &R<&Ktooken&R> &W $*&w

& and a little w will turn off the color and take the text back to normal.

 the above is just an example, you may try it to make sure it works :)
 the $* is mainly for when setting up alias if you make an alias sa and
type in this:

alias sa say &R<&KTooKeN&R> &W$*&w

it will do something like this

says (red)<(black)TooKeN(red)> (white)(your Message)(Normal or Null)

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