Re: [Newbie][BPL11] Remort

From: Andrew Jones (andjones@MCI2000.COM)
Date: 08/13/98

This actually goes against what the main concept of remorting is about,
imho, when you remort you still have all the skills and spells you had
before, you just are caring those on to a new life.  I also believe that
when you remort your mana, hp, and such are set back to beginner levels, so
the more powerful spells and such can't be completed.  This is all
conjecture of course.  For as we all know anyone can have any idea and
implement it the way they want to.  This example might be done by reworking
your assign spells/skills routine is class.c, you could make it so that you
could only use skills at/after the assigned level, with out checking for
class, but then you have to have a different routine for assigning them with
the class(es.)  Remember the scope of your job is only determined by your
skill and ingenuity.
> I recently added remort.txt to my mud and all is well cept it lists skills
> that i think it shouldnt.  What i want it to do is if a level 15 cleric
> heal and you are a warrior now but a remorted cleric i want it so you have
> to wait till level 15 warrior to use heal again.....anyone have any ideas?

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