Re: [Newbie][BPL11] Remort

From: Scorn (scorn@RMI.NET)
Date: 08/14/98

ok nevermind all of that i changed my mind i added remort as a class so i
can set what they learn and i added 2 remort levels and
have a minor problem with olc.  It only recognizes 17  extra flags so when
adding the 2 new !class flags it only recognizes one and bumped !sell off
the list there anyway to make the list longer....i followed all
the !warrior etc....stuff and its all there for the new classes but doesnt
show up in oedit ,  and while we are at it in sedit it doesnt show the no
sell for my two new classes either...maybe i missed it somewhere but i dont
think so.  They are all defined in structs.h and constants.c and utils.h
...but just dont show in olc.

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