Re: [Newbie][BPL11] Remort

From: Del Minturn (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 08/14/98

Andrew Jones wrote:
> This actually goes against what the main concept of remorting is about,
> imho, when you remort you still have all the skills and spells you had
> before, you just are caring those on to a new life.  I also believe that
> when you remort your mana, hp, and such are set back to beginner levels, so
> the more powerful spells and such can't be completed.  This is all

If you have spells that take over 100+ mana to cast, the warrior will
never be able to cast them unless you change the ability to gain mana
each level or have equipment that raises mana.

My thoughts were to set up remort classes that were a mimic of the
normal classes and add special spells to those remort classes.

If remorting the player has the option to remort into the remort class
that is the same type as the normal class they are (i.e. A Cleric can
remort only to a Priest, which is the Cleric's super class OR to another
NORMAL class).
If they remort to another normal class, they don't get the spells/skills
of the previous class. It is like being born again (not in the religous
As soon as I start working on it, I will set it up so each NORMAL class
has a SUPER class in which they can remort into that super class only or
to another normal class.

ok, where do I put the two pennies?

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