Re: [Newbie][BPL11] Remort

From: Anthony Rye (ajrye@ONE.NET)
Date: 08/16/98

On Fri, 14 Aug 1998, Scorn wrote:

> ok what i did and am doing is this:  I made a class for each original class
> these are my remort classes.  I am setting up a function so that when the
> type remort at max mort level it resets them to that since
> both do_set and qclass use the int parse_ class to set the class i have a
> problem......i dont want these new remort classes available on the menu so
> i didnt put them there however if someone were to accidently hit p at the
> menu it would recognize this as paladin and set it even though paladin is a
> remort class and not on the menu.  Is there a way to seperate set_class and
> qclass so that do_set doesnt use parse_class  or so that qclass uses the
> menu instead of parse_class?

Hehe this sounds fimailar, guess i have done this too, except i found a
way to fixe this :P, ok first of, keep your new classes, change the remort
to a specific level example:

say Immortal is my last god level, but wait i add in one last level and
call it avatar, so there for after making them remort through Cleric,
warrior,druid, monk,ninja, paladin, mage, thief, bard they can become an
avatar with alot less access to things thna an Immortal(let me going in to

ok you have 4 types of actaul classes (Based on AD&D),

 Priest Mage Rogue Warrior (well cleric,warrrior, thief, mage(basic
Classes , for Mud) fall under these catagories.
 which i have made ninja, bard, paladin, monk, druid as like remort

I dont know if anyone have noticed, but in the multi patch by Rasdan,
after hitting maxlevel (being single Class, you can get the rest of the
exp and still be an Immort, (so Adding the Avatar level as a god level
with min. of god powers, will work great becuase you dont nesseccarily
need to remort to become an avatar, you can stay single classed.

I hope this may help as an alternate multi classing system!

sorry for the thread all

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