Re: Sacrifice reward

From: Warren Robbins (tonyr@NWPACLINK.COM)
Date: 08/16/98

On Mon, 17 Aug 1998, Bryan Britt wrote:

> I just implemented the sacrifice code offered on this list a few months
> ago, (Which is updated from the one on the snippit site.)  It only
> allows sacrificing corpses (I like that idea.)
> Anyway I was wondering...
> What and/or how much reward are other muds offering for sacrifices?

Great bonus for deity-based MUDs.  If you worship a war-like deity,
sacrifices are great.  Experience bonuses, or maybe a sacrifice_points
addition to the char structure, which gives special bonuses.

For example, skills given by deities, or maybe even spells.  For example,
an evil deity may give the worshipper the ability to summon up a small
demon after 1000 sacrifices.

> I've modified the make_corpse routine to pass the EXP points (as cost)
> to the corpse so I can get it when I SAC if I choose to base it on exp
> of the original mob.

Hrm, good idea.  This could be factored in as above.

> ---------

> I'm also looking for a FLY spell.  I can't seem to find on any snippits
> sites nor in list archives.  I would like to to preferably be one
> designed so that you and land and take off and where flying inside is
> not allowed.

  send_to_char("Pewf!  Too bad this does nothing!\r\n");

Seriously though, a good way to implement this would be to use body parts.
A good start for a body-part system comes from Jon Barrett's (I always
credit the wrong author) race body parts patch.

"Fly" and "land" would be commands only available if they have the body

Special cases - entering a sealed room, a tunnel, etc, can not be entered
while flying.  You can't land in a flying room, etc.  A spell giving the
wings wears off, and you plummet to your unfortunate death.

Be creative.  :)

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