Re: hackers and security

From: Anthony Rye (ajrye@ONE.NET)
Date: 08/17/98

On Tue, 21 Jul 1998, Joshua French wrote:

> As far as having your code stolen in general, it's pretty safe to say

i was just reading this thread thinking. (how can a imp or admin tighten
down security for circlemud files to keep them from getting stolen or

 Welp here is my idea:

I was thinking that circle uses alot of O/S's and it maybe be possible to
implement password protection on the files you dont want noone in or
messing with.

To make this work i was think of maybe doing link filing.

which for those dont know or understand. its taking one file and making it
like an attachment to another file.

Not sure how to write this , but for those who do this maybe a thing to
put on the TODO list.

hope this helps!

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