Re: Automatic complete colour and autoexits

From: Del (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 08/17/98

Jon Nielsen wrote:
> > Hi I was wondering if any one has come accross a way to set automaticaly
> > the colour/color and the autoexits system on? I would be very greatull
> for
> > the help.
> Erm, SET_BIT(PRF_FLAGS(ch), PRF_AUTOEXITS)? If my memory serves
> me. Just put that in the function that is called when a character
> is first made. (in race.c somewhere, surely)

I found this, I can not figure out how to actually execute the command in the
code for the character.

#define PRF_TOG_CHK(ch,flag) ((TOGGLE_BIT(PRF_FLAGS(ch), (flag))) & (flag))

  long result;
  extern int nameserver_is_slow;


    result = PRF_TOG_CHK(ch, PRF_AUTOEXIT);

I am assuming that the autoexit command toggles the prf_autoexit, not set it.
Or is there a way to "SET" it in the code?


Also with the Color, since there are 4 variables that it checks for, how can
you tell it a specific one?
  int tp;

  if (IS_NPC(ch))


  SET_BIT(PRF_FLAGS(ch), (PRF_COLOR_1 * (tp & 1)) | (PRF_COLOR_2 * (tp & 2)
>> 1));

I am not sure what exactly it is doing here, the "* (tp & 1)" part, could
someone send a brief explanation of what this does? It may be basic to some
of you, but I have not dealt with this yet.

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