From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 08/18/98

> I'm looking to change APPLY_LEVEL to minlevel for objects. What I need to
> know is how do I access the APPLY_LEVEL of a certain object?  What call
> do I use?

        I haven't seen an answer to this one in a week, so I'll assume
that you still need one -

        Stock code says that apply_level is a bitvector affect from an
object which alters the users level in a positive or negative direction.
It has nothing to do with the minimum or maximum level of objects.

        If you're talking about a required minlevel to be able to
get/hold/use an item, thats not part of stock, and you'll have to write it
all by yourself.  Or, you could search through the mailing list
archives... I know i've posted at least 2 different implementations of
object minlevel (including oasis olc support), and i'm not the only one.


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