Re: [IDEA] New feature suggestion, comments please...

From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 08/18/98

> My players want me to add a command to allow PC's to have sex and produce
> offspring.  Does anybody have any feelings on this?  I guess there's quite
> a few issues here.
> By the way, this is not a joke (even though it may seem like it), they really
> did ask me for it!

        An older mud with a crummy interface had a well-developed marriage
and the like system.  You married, got the female pregnant, and the child
would be a partially pre-generated pc character.  Usually the deal was if
male, it went to the husband, female, the wife.  This was advantageous,
cause the only way to get very good stats and the like on your char was to
have high-powered people have sex, and take over the kid - they would
start with the average of the current (high-level, well developed) stats
of the parents.

        Of course, being a total pk mud, with nasty hate-clans, and
bunches of random murdering, there were quite a few unscheduled
abortions.. if the pregnant woman was killed (which was easier, cause they
lost many abilities), usually the husband would get the head via mud-mail
the next day with a 'ha-ha' note.

        Usually kept the mud buzzing quite much though :) People would get
really rp about it, and slap people when they saw them in rl :) It was
cool :)


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