Re: [OasisOLC] format_text

From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 08/18/98

> It seems that format_text function from OasisOLC is broken. :(
> Sometimes it adds extra "\r\n" or space(s) to text when it shouldn't do so.
> This happens only if length of a string in text is near width limit (79 I
> think).
> So, often I end up with one extra "\r\n" at the end of formatted text...
> Another bug: if a word is larger than width limit (for example, word is 85
> symbols long, limit is 79), an empty line will be appended before unchanged
> word.
> Has anyone tried to fix it?

  I found the source code for 'pico' and basically pasted in the 'justify'
code in place of the /f and /fi.  However, it seems that feature-ful mud
clients don't read it correctly all the time, unless it is an unbroken
string (ie, no carrige returns).

        Zmud is notorious for this, Gmud as well.  Others - unknown.

        On the other hand, telent (even the windows version) work fine.


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