From: Ghost Shaidan (ghost@AO.NET)
Date: 08/20/98

> ok i have a small problem that i was hoping someone knew more about.  If a
> character wears an item that is 5ac on body it multiplies the value 3x so
> now his ac is 85/10 if worn on legs or head the value is 2x what it should
> be so again a 5ac item is now 10 and ac is 90/10.  How do i stop this from
> happening?  Items with same value work fine anywhere else.

This isn't a problem, it does it on purpose.  I beleive the thought behind
it had something to dowith the torso having more hitpoints 'in it' than
the arms.

Furthermore, it is only the v0 of armor that is multiplied, not the ac


Despite the urge to holler RTFC, Try doing a grep (or windows equiv) on
apply_ac  (hint hint, look in handler.c where they modify all the other

Modify at will

Ghost Shaidan

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