From: Ghost Shaidan (ghost@AO.NET)
Date: 08/20/98

> That is set in handler.c starting around line 488.  But that does raise
> a question...  the comments state that it should add 30% to the AC
> affect.  But instead does 300%.  Did we forget to divide by 10, or are
> the comments wrong?

Actually the comment just says 30% not that that is what it increases it

I beleive (assumption) that they meant that in their estimation the torso
represented 30% of the body's mass or area or imporant parts, and therefor
armoring that was more important.

And (thinking about it more)  with ac going from 100/-100 (in reality
being 10/-10) the /10 division is done in fight.c where it figures it out.

Just a thought.

Ghost Shaidan

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