Re: [OffSubject] Cygnus GNU

From: Fili (cybom@NETROPOLIS.NET)
Date: 08/20/98

Contra wrote:
> Well im not much on supporting Circle under windows but the best advice i
> can give you is to patch the Makefile by hand if at all possible. There are
> ups and down too this. The ups are: you can learn tons by doing it etc etc,
> and the downs: it can take forever so plan ahead whenever you think a patch
> may fail.
> Also once you add one or two patches to your MUD you'll HAVE to patch by
> hand anyway, so you might as well want to make it a habit. If you have any
> hand-patching question please feel free too email me.
> -CP

True, but for huge patches like DG and Oasis, hand patching becomes so
much of a task that it becomes easier to just patch the source THEN look
over the code. If you really need to patch anything, grab a UN*X shell
and use it to do the patching. Many people have shells through thier
ISP, or can get one through one of the many free shell providers, so
this shouldnt be _TOO_ hard.


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