Re: [OffSubject] Cygnus GNU

From: Andrew Jones (andjones@MCI2000.COM)
Date: 08/20/98

Although it is true that hand patching large patches such as Oasis, bpl
upgrades, etc. can be a large project I personally find it more usefull.
Circle is 10's of thousands of lines of code, how many of us know every
line?  Hand patching can teach you more about how the code works then almost
anything, it also lets you in on a window to how others view the code.  If
you have a fast enough computer, hand patching large patches should only
take 10 hours straight or less.  In a world of patches everywhere, I think
it should become a nesity for coders to hand patch the patchs they put in,
how else will they know how the patch works in a such a quick fashion?

> True, but for huge patches like DG and Oasis, hand patching becomes so
> much of a task that it becomes easier to just patch the source THEN look
> over the code. If you really need to patch anything, grab a UN*X shell
> and use it to do the patching. Many people have shells through thier
> ISP, or can get one through one of the many free shell providers, so
> this shouldnt be _TOO_ hard.

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