Re: [IDEA] realtime landscape

From: Eduo (eduo@CIATEQ.MX)
Date: 08/20/98

On Thu, 20 Aug 1998, Tony Robbins [Kupek] wrote:

> I've written a storyline for my MUD, and the world itself is going to
> follow it nigh exactly.  There's forests, big forests.  It seems to me
> that if you took a structure, added some arrays, and made a command that
> would build a zone of a certain type:  zautobuild forest 300 3x7

There is already code in the snippets site that can be easily modifiable
to make a dynamic zone. I'd like to see something more like patch
branching from main roads.

Like you have a main road (say, the road to king welmar, to give a common
place) and the branches out of it that are not hardcoded (mines, etc.)
could be randomized. One in 10 or in 20 chance of a road branching off
from the main road every zone reset, no reconfiguration while people in
the branches, random level of "deepness". Etc.

Anyone thought of this before? Is it even a good idea? this would mix the
previsibility of know roads with the randomness of unknown forests.

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