[NEWBIE] DG implementation

From: Brendan Edwards (kyonen@YAHOO.COM)
Date: 08/22/98

Swallowing my pride, eyes swimming from reading through codes and
.docs.... I humbly post a really stupid question to the list.

I'm trying to patch dg_pl5a_with_oasis.patch  into my mud (bpl14). It
patches in without any rejects... compiles well enough, but the
stupidest little thing is stopping me from running the freshly patched
mud. In the DG documentation it says to

mkdir ../lib/world/trg (well, no problem there)
mv 0.trg ../lib/world/trg (done AND done!)
mv index ../lib/world/trg

On that last bit, my system goes "Whatcha talking about, fool?"
There is no index file to move.
The mud will not run until that index file is resting safely in

the locate command doesnt pick it up anywhere on my system at all.

Where is this much hidden and oft-referred to index file? If it doesnt
exist, how do I make it exist?

Please respond to this off list. I don't wish to sound the bigger fool
than necessary by having my idiocy tossed about freely. :)

Thank you in advance.

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