Re: Oasis 2.0

From: Abyss (abyss@CLO.COM)
Date: 08/23/98

At 12:28 AM 8/23/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Oasis 2.0?
>Last Oasis version was 1.6b I believe, Tony produced an OLC+2.0 which
>included Oasis 1.6b, Hedit, Tedit and other patches.
>There is an older version of OLC+ which works with BPL12

I'm running Oasis 1.6a on bpl12 with no probs...had a look a 1.6b and that
small bit should go in without a hitch as guess is that 2.0 should
slide in nicely, altho i'm not making any guarantees. :)

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