Re: OLC+ Problems

From: Del Minturn (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 08/23/98

NOTE: Some people have been refering to this patch as OASIS 2.0
      It is *NOT* Oasis version 2.0 it *IS* OLC+ version 2.0 with
      Oasis version 1.6b.

I have the clean install (have not changed anything yet) and will zip up
the entire directory and put it on my web site.

Note, configure had to be run to install the patch without any rej's.
you will have to compensate for that by running ./configure again or
what ever means neccessary for your machine to compile it.

Pat O'Laughlin wrote:
>     I did everthing it said to do.  Can someone maybe patch it in to a
> clean circle30bpl14 and send the result to me?  That would be a great
> help because I am obviously doing something wrong.
> Pat

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