Re: [Idea?] AI Mobs...

From: Doppleganger Software (doppsoft@TZC.COM)
Date: 08/23/98

>Well not really, but I have "heard" of this.  Apparently somewhere people
>have added code to Mobs in order to make them more interactive, as in
>speaking to a mob etc.  I think it was a ROM code-base and someone might
>have added basic AI code (maybe like "Fred" or something) to the Puff
>mobile.  Has anyone seen this or even done anything like this?  All I would
>like is the address of the MUD because I'd love to see an example of
>anything like it.

Well, I've got a couple things to enhance the intelligence of mobs.
Firstly, I modified the find_first_step to allow for searching with doors
closed or doors open, just by changing one function call.  So, to go with
that, if a mob runs into a door it can't open (and mobs try a variety of
methods to open doors), it will search for a path that doesn't have a
door in the way.

I have modified the 'asking mob' spec_proc (the one that allows you to
ask questions of mobs) to be a simple mob flag (so all you have to do is
add the flag) and enhanced it to allow for specific mob assigning (only
Puff answers the question), general mob assigning (all mobs answer the
question), and zone specific mob assigning (only mobs in zone X answer
the question)

For combat, mobs, by default, will attack the person who does the most
damage to them (switching targets if necessary) but can be set to not
change, attack spell casters, attack the tank, attack the weakest, or
attack the healer.  I also have mobs that will go into a defensive mobe
if hurt badly, one that go into full offensive mode if hurt badly, and
others that will activate a grenade if they are holding one, just before
they die.

There is a lot of stuff you can do to make mobs seem more alive, and not
using spec_procs.  In fact, I would recommend the DG scripts for this
kind of thing most of the time.  Creating lively mobs is a lot easier
with it than to code it by hand.

And no, I can't give you the address to my MUD, as it isn't open to the
public and is still in a very beta stage of it's development (despite 1
and a half years of development)

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