Re: OLC+ Problems [IDEA]

From: Scorn (scorn@RMI.NET)
Date: 08/23/98

i already have an earlier patch of olc that i put in by hand and i have a
question.  I notice everyone going the way of olc becuase of its easy to
use editor interface.......Now heres the question Why not patch the new
olc+ to bpl14 and have the complete patched version on the ftp or other
site?  There are at least a couple posts a day about problems with hand
patching or just patching and running such a large package to circlemud.
So a pre-patched version might help with the struggling newbies or people
just starting or even people redoing their muds to stay current.  I
personally dont plan (for the time being) on upgrading my mud from bpl11
because i already have so much in it and i am too far behind the curve for
a simple patch.  Just a thought.

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