Re: [BPL11] Auto_save_all

From: Scorn (scorn@RMI.NET)
Date: 08/23/98

i dont wish to set loadrooms because i want them to enter the game where
they quite out......which is how i have it now and also crash_save_all does
save the room you are in or it least it should with the save_char(loadroom
thing anyway tlet me more specific to what i was really trying to get at I
want the mud to autosave everything characters, eq position loadroom,
deaths, kills all of it i want saved and i am not sure the current
auto_save () does this.  From what i have seen when i do a shutdown is that
it only saved this information the last time the char manually typed save.
Or did something in the game that save all that information ie remort
etc...  I would also like a send_to_all or sprintf that shows that the save
has been done.  I have added these to auto_save_all and it doesnt work so
thats why i was wondering if in earlier versions of 3.0 does that function
actually work?
Or can someone perhaps, through private email show me how i can go about
making it work the way i would like it too. thanks

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