[BPL11] Auto_save_all

From: Scorn (scorn@RMI.NET)
Date: 08/21/98

ok i was wondering does the auto save in bpl11 really work?
because on numerious occasions i have noticed that even standing in a
location for 20- 30 minutes and the mud crashing loading back into a room i
was in an hour ago the same room i typed save in.  I have looked at the
code and seen the save_char(d->character, GET_LOADROOM(d->character)); in
crash_save_all and house_save_all so i know thats there and i even tried to
add a send_to_all to say something like "autosaving" or something to that
nature. and it never did send_to_all so i am assuming in earlier versions
it doesnt work??  If i am wrong can someone please run me through the
process and perhaps help me add a sprintf or something.
I also noticed that the newer versions such as bpl14 if autosave was
enabled chars couldnt type save so i was wondering if someone fixed it or i
am just crazy.

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