Re: [INFO] Compiling the new Oasis 2+ Under Win95 with MSVC5

From: George (greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG)
Date: 08/24/98

On Mon, 24 Aug 1998, Andrew Jones wrote:

>It is NOT Oasis v2, it is simpley Oasis Plus v2.0, essentially it is Oasis
>1.6b, with a few other patchs like tedit, hedit, aedit, and trg's.  It is a
>good idea if you want all these things, however if your looking for the next
>version of Oasis I would hold on to your hat, since that will be a little

There's an unconfirmed rumor that there may be an OasisOLC v1.7 release
with DG Scripts support included along with a few bugfixes.

As soon as I release my Buffer patch v1.9, I'll get back to working on
OasisOLC v2.0.

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