[INFO] Compiling the new Oasis 2+ Under Win95 with MSVC5

From: Yohay Etsion (yohay_e@NETVISION.NET.IL)
Date: 08/23/98

Greetings Everyone ,

I just finished patching the new Oasis2+ into
my circlebpl14 using MSVC5 (on Win95).
I finally got it to work and decided to give
a few tips to those MSVC5-Win95-bpl14-patch.exe
users :

1) First you'll need patch.exe and the new
patch OLCplus-v2_0-bpl14.tar.gz

2) When you download the patch of the OLC
using a browser , it saves it as
OLCplus-v2.0-bpl14_tar.gz , so rename the
file as OLCplus.tar.gz so Winzip could
reconize it as a tar file.
Unzip the file.

3) Rename OLC+-v2.0-bpl14.patch to oasis.patch

4) Put oasis.patch and patch.exe in your source
directory (circle30bpl14 that is NOT circle30bpl14/src).

5) Now this is the important thing :
   Because you are using MSVC5 and not a
   Unix system , you are not using the Makefile and
   The Makefile.in , so you'll have to erase them
   from the patch.
   Get a dos prompt , go to your source dir and
   write : edit oasis.patch (You can also edit
   this file with another editing program , just
   remember to use a program for dos. DON'T USE
   WORD !!!)
   Start erasing from about line 9203 where it says :
   "diff -uprN ./src/Makefile ..olcplus/src/Makefile"
   and erase the whole thing until the end of the
   patch for Makefile.ini at about line 9560 where
   it says : " $$(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) aedit.c "

6) Still with the dos prompt , go to the source dir and write :
patch < oasis.patch

7) Still in the dos prompt , go to circle30bpl14/src
and write : rename conf.h.win conf.h (unless you did it

8) Close the dos prompt.

9) create a new directory circle30bpl14/lib/world/trig
and move the files "0.trg" and "index" that are in
the source directory (circle30bpl14) to that new dir.

10) move help.hlp to circle30bpl14/lib/text/help
    move startup  to circle30bpl14/lib/text
    both "help.hlp" and "startup" are in circle30npl14/
    (the source dir)
    copy all the *.c and *.h files from the source dir
    (circle30bpl14) to circle30bpl14/src

11) Open your MSVC5

12) Go to File/New
    Start a new project "Win32 Console Application"
    type and call it Circle. Change its location to
    your souce dir (circle30bpl14/ NOT circle30bpl14/Circle)

13) Go to file view , RightClick "Circle Files" ,
    choose "New Folder" and name it "headers".
    RightClick the new folder , choose "Add files
    to folder" and add all the header files from
    Right Click "Circle files" , choose "Add files
    to project" and add all the *.c files from

14) RightClick "Circle files" , choose "settings".
    In the left side of the dialog box , change
    from "Win32 Debug" to "All configurations".
    In the "General" section put "." in the spaces
    for "Intermediate Files" and "Output Files".
    In the "Link" section add "wsock32.lib" to the
    "Object/library modules".
    Click "OK".

15) Choose "Build/Build Circle.exe".

16) If you have trouble with the Circle.pch file ,
    just copy it from circle30bpl14/ to circle30bpl14/src
    and compile again (see 15).

That's it ... It works for me this far.
If I'll find any bugs I'll post the fix
later ...

I'll appreciate Emails from Win95-MSVC5
users that my post helped them (just tell
me if it patched smoothly ...).

Yohay Etsion

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