BPL14 with OLC2.0, Autoeq, and Copyover-5

From: Ryan Guthrie (circle@NS2.DKSERVER.DK)
Date: 08/24/98

All of the patches worked except the copyover patch.  It had one reject
and that i patched in.  Anyways the problem has been traced down to
t->history_pos not existing.  here is the code:
The following line is normally a simple else w/o an if statement.  This
works fine as a fix as far as i can tell(as a temporary fix).  Anyways,
comments, reasons for this, etc...?

FYI: GDB produces t being null on lines refering to t->history_pos

    } else if (t->history_pos) {
/* Little checks i added */
      if (!t)
        log("No T");
      if (!t->last_input)
        log("No t->last_input");
      if (!t->history_pos)
        log("No t->history_pos");
      if (!t->history[t->history_pos])
        log("No t->history");

      strcpy(t->last_input, tmp);
      if (t->history[t->history_pos])
        free(t->history[t->history_pos]);       /* Clear the old line. */
      t->history[t->history_pos] = str_dup(tmp);        /* Save the new.
      if (++t->history_pos >= HISTORY_SIZE)     /* Wrap to top. */
        t->history_pos = 0;

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