[OLC] OLC+ / BPL14 Problems...

From: Ed Shipe (litbisc@CROSSLINK.NET)
Date: 08/24/98

Some problems Im having still after applying all the patches..

1: While switched into a mob, the mud crashes while do a 'who'.
2: No one but imps seems to be able to aedit?...in interpreter.c aedit is
defined to LVL_GRGOD.
3: Problems with losing link in oedit (and possible the other olc
commands)... when the char tries to reconnect.   Possible check problem (ie
not taking over an OLC character).

Anybody else have these probs?

I'll pass on anything I find... (maybe I should have run it on NT... i know
how that debugger works..=:P...  gdb here I come!!)


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