Re: [NEWBIE] [CODE] A little help if possible :)

From: Burkhard Knopf (burkhard.knopf@INFORMATIK.TU-CLAUSTHAL.DE)
Date: 08/25/98

>>>>> On Thu, 20 Aug 1998 19:37:47 -0400,
>>>>> "John" == John Hines <sculpy@MUD3.GATOR.NET> wrote:

 John> I am in the process of adding races to my mud. I have come
 John> across an error I have never seen. It happened after I added an
 John> entry for races in my Makefile.

 John> ...
 John> make[1]: *** No rule to make target ` ', needed by `shop.o'.  Stop.

Looks like you have something like "\ " at the end of your Makefile's
shop.o target line I'd say.
If so just remove the " " behind the "\".


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