Re: XP and Saving throw formula.

From: Edward J Glamkowski (eglamkowski@ANGELFIRE.COM)
Date: 08/25/98

>>> Go vote. :)
>>Great, a total of four votes... three of which favor
>>the concise option.  :)  My personal opinion:  Who
>>cares about the table?  Close to the table is fine,
>>but concise is better.
>Up to 12 votes now, 66% in favor of the 'concise'
>option.  No one cares about a formula just like the
>table. :)
>I voted very close personally, since we don't want to
>throw things off too much...but I'm not adamant about
>being exact.  However, I would have no hesitation
>about using a formula exactly like the table.

I voted concise, but really, I should imagine it
wouldn't be too difficult to create a concise formula
that is very close to the tables.
They are based on the AD&D tables, but instead of being
d20, they are d100.  The AD&D tables had very definite
formula, though they varied for each class.

Personally, I changed the saving throw tables from
d100 to d30 (just added 10 to the AD&D L1 saving throws
and followed the formula through to level 30).
And then added a 'saving throw modifier' argument to
the mag_savingthrow() function  :)

Just out of curiosity (another poll item, George? :)
how many people out there actually stay with the
default of 30 levels?

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