[CODE] modified exp_to_level for do_levels?

From: Michael J. Fara (mulder@CLOUD9.NET)
Date: 08/25/98

For those of you using the experience formula replacement snippet for the
experience tables posted by Nic Suzor you may know what I'm talking about.

Well I realised that exp_to_level was great, but it didn't allow certain
variables (like exp_to_level based on something other then the person's
lvl), therefor I changed exp_to_level to look like this:

int exp_to_level(arg)
  int modifier, exp;

  if (arg < 10) /* arg should always be a level */
    modifier = 1;
  else if (arg < 20)
    modifier = 5;
  else if (arg < 30)
    modifier = 10;
  else if (arg < 40)
    modifier = 20;
  else if (arg < 50)
    modifier = 30;
  else if (arg < 60)
    modifier = 40;
  else if (arg < 70)
    modifier = 50;
  else if (arg < 80)
    modifier = 60;
  else if (arg < 90)
    modifier = 80;
    modifier = 250;

 exp = arg * modifier * 4000;

  return exp;

I changed all the references in the code from exp_to_level(ch) to
exp_to_level(GET_LEVEL(ch)). I did this so I would be able to have the
function send information on experience needed to aquire a level, even if
that is not the person's lvl, example exp_to_level(LVL_IMMORT).

So now that I did this I realised I could probably bring back the do_levels
command and make it work properly, but I am having some weird problems. Does
anyone using Nic's formula know how this could probably be done?

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