Re: highest room?

From: Christopher Avans (parka@CDC.NET)
Date: 08/25/98

On Tue, 25 Aug 1998, Marc Gale wrote:
There is no "MAX_ROOM_NUM or something"
I did send george a pathc to allow up to 3 times as many rooms, and many
more with a small change. George thought I was changing all refrences to
rnum to room_vnum. Making it vastly easier to work with. This wasnt what
he thought but it did change all vnum on shops, rooms, mobs, objs,
triggers to an int from a sh_int. I dont have it still perhaps he does.

> > I just made a 9800 (99x99) room zone, starting from zone 326 (circlemud's
> > default zone limit).. it spans from vnum 32600 thru 42400. But it seems that
> > circle crashes telling me theres no startroom (?), although the startroom is
> > clearly defined as vnum 100. (zone 1).
> >
> > Is there a problem where you can't go over a certain number of rooms or
> > something? This is really a killer to me because zone 326 is supposed to
> > hold a wilderness surface map area, and putting it anywhere else will just
> > make it difficult for us to build zones easilly.
> >
> > If you can help I would appreciate it, thanks.
> >
> Check db.c search for the number 99999.  You will find that the limit
> is hard coded.  You might want to either lift the limit (and change
> the room_vnum variable to be 4 bytes (long will do it), or make a
> global variable called MAX_ROOM_VNUM or something.
> Marc
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