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From: Tony Robbins [Kupek] (tonyr@NWPACLINK.COM)
Date: 08/25/98

On Wed, 26 Aug 1998, Yohay Etsion wrote:
> 1) I have seen a lot of code going
> around in this list , but I haven't
> seen any DG-SCRIPTING code of new
> triggers , commands and enhancement
> of the DG-SCRIPTING language.
> Why is that ?

Because it's the CircleMUD mailing list, and DG Scripts aren't part of
CircleMUD.  Also, check the archive, there has been some discussion.

> 2) If I add new commands or snippets to
> my MUD , will I have to code my way
> through the OLC2+ package in order to
> make all new changes work ?

Only things relevant to the room/obj/mob/zone/shop structure, and things
that you'd want to put into OLC.  Coding a 'fly' spell obviously wouldn't
have anything to do with OLC, so not in ALL cases, but some.

> 3) How about room depth ? I don't undestand
> how can anyone live without room depth.
Quite happily, although I did look at the patch.  :P

> It makes fighting much more fun , and
> makes groups a necessity.
> So , is there a snippet or a patch for
> it (the only thing I could find was a
> bunch of files , no patch , no snippet).
> And will I have to make alternations in
> the OLC2+ package if I'll patch room depth ?

On Cambot, there is the roomdepth setup.  It's like .diff or something,
but there's a patch.  Even if there's just C files, you can hand patch it
together.  And you'll only need to change it if it changes how things are
loaded, like if an object is loaded, will it load here or there?  You'd
have to look at the code and decide.  Seems more like a combat setup, so
probably not.

> 4) How about the mount patch ? Is it good
> for bpl14 ? Will I have to make changes in
> the code of OLC2+ ?

Many people seem to think it is.  :P  You really need to realize that OLC+
is nothing but OnLine Creation.  You might have to increment a few NUM_x
in olc.h, but if you read through it, you'll be fine.

> 5) I wanna get rid of public channels
> in order to make my MUD more RP. Is there
> a smooth way to do it ?

Remove them from interpreter.c, remove their SCMD defines in
interpreter.h, and snip their fragments from act.comm.c.  But I don't
suggest this.

> 6) Oh , a question about trigedit :
> when I add a new trigger , or alter an
> existing one , it saves it in a new file
> *.new , and not in the original file.
> This is incoherent with the whole Oasis
> system , because now I have to shutdown the MUD
> everytime I want to get my new triggers on line
> (the very thing an OLC system is here to prevent).
> Is there a way to fix it ?

Well, if it's a zone that currently exists, you need to update your index
files and create empty trigger files.  It tries to move the file over to
#.trg, but if it's not in the index, it won't load.

> 7) Another thing. I want to change the whole
> skill and spell systems. Well , it is quite hard
> to rewrite it , so I came up with a few ideas to
> stay with the one coded , but try to make a few
> changes. Is it possible to make a mob that will
> be able to teach only some spells (not a guildmaster
> that can teach EVERYTHING - it is not quite realistic) ?

Nearly everything is possible, but not necessarily plausible.  That is
very possible, in fact, there's a guild patch which allows you to set what
skills a guildmaster can teach online--through OLC.  (Yes, that will
require OLC+ modifications).  They charge money, but hey, it's easy to cut
out some code.  :P

> Is it possible to not let the magic users know
> what spells they can learn , and make them search
> for these special mobs to learn new spells ?

See above.

> Well, that's all for now.

Sheesh, that's _ALL_?


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