Some questions ...

From: Yohay Etsion (yohay_e@NETVISION.NET.IL)
Date: 08/25/98

Greetings everyone ,

I have some questions I would
really appreciate answers to.
I am coding my new MUD which
is based on bpl14 , OLC2+ and
runs on a WIN95 system (I use MSVC5).
I haven't opened it to players just yet
and I'm concentrating on coding the
MUD. So , here are the questions :

1) I have seen a lot of code going
around in this list , but I haven't
seen any DG-SCRIPTING code of new
triggers , commands and enhancement
of the DG-SCRIPTING language.
Why is that ?

2) If I add new commands or snippets to
my MUD , will I have to code my way
through the OLC2+ package in order to
make all new changes work ?

3) How about room depth ? I don't undestand
how can anyone live without room depth.
It makes fighting much more fun , and
makes groups a necessity.
So , is there a snippet or a patch for
it (the only thing I could find was a
bunch of files , no patch , no snippet).
And will I have to make alternations in
the OLC2+ package if I'll patch room depth ?

4) How about the mount patch ? Is it good
for bpl14 ? Will I have to make changes in
the code of OLC2+ ?

5) I wanna get rid of public channels
in order to make my MUD more RP. Is there
a smooth way to do it ?

6) Oh , a question about trigedit :
when I add a new trigger , or alter an
existing one , it saves it in a new file
*.new , and not in the original file.
This is incoherent with the whole Oasis
system , because now I have to shutdown the MUD
everytime I want to get my new triggers on line
(the very thing an OLC system is here to prevent).
Is there a way to fix it ?

7) Another thing. I want to change the whole
skill and spell systems. Well , it is quite hard
to rewrite it , so I came up with a few ideas to
stay with the one coded , but try to make a few
changes. Is it possible to make a mob that will
be able to teach only some spells (not a guildmaster
that can teach EVERYTHING - it is not quite realistic) ?
Is it possible to not let the magic users know
what spells they can learn , and make them search
for these special mobs to learn new spells ?

Well, that's all for now.
I hope you will be able to help me ;-)

Thanks in advance ,

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