Re: [SILLY QUESTION] Uncrypting passwords

From: The Fractal Dimension Administration (fracdime@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 08/25/98

Thus spake Chuck Reed:
> a) thanks for the vote of confidence
> b) i use it for finding multi-players from different ips
> c) it's helpful for when people claim they forgot their password, cause if
> the passwords are similar, it's most likely their char
> Also, if i was planning on using it to hack the pentagon, players still
> forfeit the right to their password, their ipaddress, or whatever else they
> use.  Unfortunatly, I haven't been able to plan a scheme to take over the
> world like this yet . . . so there's no need to worry about my system
> administration being corrupted just yet.

Mmmm... what?  I don't think those reasons above would explain why
you need a password hacked.

However, I only use Win95, so the passwords aren't encrypted.  I
could edit the player file and check for password-like strings, but
since I have ASCII-pfiles, it doesn't matter.  All I do is check the
Pass: tag for the password.

I'm thinking of writing encryption/decryption code for my own MUD...
if any of you knows that it's against U.S. law or something, now's
the time to speak up. :)

... Well, heck ... taking over the world is probably a federal crime
(understatement).  Let's try not to mention these things on this
list, 'kay? 8^D

Anyways, Bill Gates already owns the world.  You can forget your
plans now.  :}


Implementors have so much power anyhow that they don't need to see
player's passwords.  There's something called "set password" and with
that the Imp can log on anyone he chooses.  Besides, nearly anything
they want to do to the player can be done with the character off-
line.  I'm not condoning such actions unless in extreme
circumstances, of course, but that's always an option.
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