Re: [SILLY QUESTION] Uncrypting passwords

From: Ronny Iversen (ronnyi@IFI.UIO.NO)
Date: 08/26/98

At 10:29 PM 8/25/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I'm working on two different places right now, and I wrote some code to
>show imps the password of any player in the game for one of them.  In my
>transfering of the code to the second mud, the GET_PASSWD(ch) and
>chdata.pwd return the crypted passwords.  This was not the case for the
>first mud, but both use password encryption.  I'm guessing that since one
>is FreeBSD and the other is Linux (redhat 4.0 i think), that the encryption
>is a ton different.  What I'm asking is where I could find a way to DEcrypt
>the password string.
When I asked som computer gurus at school how to decryot c's crypt function
they just laughed.
I think its a one way crypting :(


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