Re: Limiting Multiplayers..

From: Scott Bowden (bowden@MEDIAONE.NET)
Date: 08/26/98

I really think that we're getting a little too paranoid about multiplaying.
Yes, it is undesirable (although when regulated slightly it can be useful),
but really people do we need to write whole chunks of code and modify all sorts
of functions just because we can't bother to check what hosts are online
occasionally? Really, it seems more trouble than it is worth, and at the same
time opens up your MUD to possibly alienating large player bases (such as
universities/colleges).  A reasonable multiplaying policy is all you really
need, whether it be a simple "no multiplaying" or "x characters max". If you
suspect multiplaying, check out the host. If it is a university, I'm sorry
but there is little you can do. Unless you feel like sitebanning an entire
college (which means alienating hundreds of potential players), you are not
going to be able to stop the assholes who multiplay off multiple computers
at a college.  And if they really want to they'll just run two systems
off of two ISPs. Anybody who has the time and inclination is going to find
a way of multiplaying. However, you can easily prevent most of it, and at the
same time not ban people whose only offense is using the same ISP (college
network or not) as another player on the MUD.

On another note:

All the formulas for XP/Saves/etc have been pretty interesting, but it would
be a lot more manageable if the "tables" were just rewritten. I can't remember
offhand, but I could've sworn that the ad&d (or d&d) tables (which CircleMUD
tables were based on if I remember correctly) for saving throws followed a
pretty easy formula. Correct me if I'm wrong, please :) Either way, I'd
rather deal with a simple "-2 every 3 levels" for saves than some exponential
equation, especially when it comes to adding new classes etc.

Just my $.02 + some extra

  - Scott Bowden

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