Re: Limiting Multiplayers..

From: Stephen Wolfe (siv@CYBERENET.NET)
Date: 08/27/98

> <**RANT**>
> I really think that we're getting a little too paranoid about multiplaying.
> Yes, it is undesirable (although when regulated slightly it can be useful),
> but really people do we need to write whole chunks of code and modify all sorts
> of functions just because we can't bother to check what hosts are online
> occasionally? Really, it seems more trouble than it is worth, and at the same

i don't know about you, but i have more important things to do than stay
connected to my mud constantly to make sure that people are following
rules..i'd much rather have hard coded rules that people CANNOT break than
a policy that i would have to investigate and enforce..people would become
even more irate if they were censured personally, rather than the mud
telling them that they cannot do something..

> time opens up your MUD to possibly alienating large player bases (such as
> universities/colleges).  A reasonable multiplaying policy is all you really

i don't know about other colleges, but at computer labs in my school, all
workstations have an individual ip..this is the case at every other
college that i happened to use a computer at..

> a way of multiplaying. However, you can easily prevent most of it, and at the
> same time not ban people whose only offense is using the same ISP (college
> network or not) as another player on the MUD.

sure, but they'll most likely just try telnetting first, which would leave
a log message saying they attempted to multiplay..

the snippet that i posted was not huge or required no
sweeping was pretty much plug and go, and if you look at the
code, you'll notice that i included consideration for a PLR_MULTIOK for
special cases where you want to let people have more than one mort on, or
where people have firewalls to deal with..i've been using the code for
more than a year, and although i don't get much traffic at my mud, i've
never heard a complaint of this being aproblem..


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