Re: Builders and coders needed + Appology

From: Del Minturn (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 08/27/98

Jimmy Brians wrote:
> Honestly, if you're not a coder, builder, or god, what job did you have
> in mind for yourself? Telling people what to do and what to code almost
> seems like it would take as much time as doing it yourself. Honestly, it
> sounds like you want to sit back and rule over the mortals while all the
> other people do all the work and "possibly" get promoted to god, gr god,
> or oh my gosh, implementor. No offense, but seeing as how they are gonna
> be doing all the work and you'd be doing almost nothing according to
> your post, i dont see where your involvement fits in here properly.

Well, here is our situation.

1. We have (I even coded in the level) an Owner of the mud.
   He pays for the site, makes the FINAL decision (even though
   he mostly gets the oppinion of everyone involved).
   He also builds worlds, his favorite thing to do..
2. I code most of the stuff and present idea's to him, and code
   in all I can (I am not a TRUE coder, but I can do a lot of things)
3. We also have other builders and have other people help us code
   the things I can not.

Asking for other people to code, build, be a part of the mud is not bad
at all. Leave the guy alone if you don't plan on helping him.

One last note:
Running a mud (Implementing) and Coding a mud are NOT the same thing.
As I have run muds before (in the 2.x days) without coding anything at
all, stock mud. We did build worlds and such.. Now mostly since a REAL
coder is hard to find the job of running the mud and coding it is mine.
The Owner mostly sits back and builds and enjoys what we give him. Thats
what he wants..

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