Builders and coders needed + Appology

From: Marc Mapplebeck (mmapplebeck@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 08/25/98

I would like to appologize to all members of this mailing list who don't
have an HTML compatible e-mail client I have an account setup for non html
lists but forgot to tell it to use it with this one. I am looking for coders
and builders for my new mud. I am running the mud off my system so you need
ICQ to find when I am online and get my IP. you will need to have the files
sent to you so you can work on them and send them back to me so I can
compile them. I have a list of things I will need built which you will
receive along with the c files when you reply to me about wanting to work.
You will be given god and possibly greater god stats for your work. If I
like your work, I will give you IMP stats(I know if you are a builder you
have your own MUD and are an IMP probably but the more the better) Please
reply to me and not the group.
Marc Mapplebeck
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