From: Doppleganger Software (doppsoft@TZC.COM)
Date: 08/27/98

>I guess I worded the previous message wrong. I don't want ppl to do all the
>coding. I want ppl to help with it. Think serious for a second. Do you think
>I have all the time to do all the coding? Also I don't want people to do all
>the building. I just was inviting people to build their zones if they want.

Personally, I believe that a MUD should only have ONE coder.  I have
coded for MUD's with multiple coders and thet tend to be very
disorganized (pieces of code lying around all over the place, no one
knows who did what and who is working on what) or too limiting (RCS
systems)  With one coder, you know who installed what, what you added it
for, and don't have to worry about security (especially if you are the
one who RUNS the MUD too)  I know a lot of people don't want to be stuck
like that, and that coding takes a lot of time, but if you add in the
most important features to a MUD first, open it, and then add the rest
slowly, you won't have too many problems, and you can just worry about
bugs and incompatibilities.

"One hundred years from now, none of this will matter because you and I
will be dead -- unless the Grim Reaper has switched his record-keeping to
a Windows 95-based system, in which case we all might live forever. "
-- Associated Press

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