Re: Enough about multiplaying/decrypting passwords

From: Stephen Wolfe (siv@CYBERENET.NET)
Date: 08/27/98

> I'm sick of the spam about these two topics.

who gives a fuck what you're sick of..if it bothers you that much filter
out anything with those words in the subject..this list IS for discussing
things relevant to running a circle mud including code, policy, and all
other aspects of administering and running a mud..

> My thought is this.  No matter how stringent your rules are, someone will
> find a way to break them.  Period.  If you're not interested in doing any
> policing you shouldn't run a mud.  Ok, end of my rant about multiplaying.

why police when you can code out the possibility of infringements..

> In any case:  I had two ideas, one about a "Mental Endurance" stat, and
> one about a "banality" characteristic for items/zones that would effect
> their performance in different themed areas.  Does anyone have even a
> rough idea of where I could begin to tweak with the code for either of
> those two concepts?

the mental endurance thing is pretty trivial..just copy hit, mana, and
movement points..they have all of the functions for regenerating, and
affects from spells, etc..shrug..that's all there is to it, and the reason
you didn't get a response was probably because most people thought that it
was pretty obvious..maybe i missed it, but what would running out of these
spirit points do? make you flee from combat? pass out?

as for the other, i think you're referring to the idea that certain
positive or negative occurances have an effect on the game through npc
demeaner or might want to just modify the alignment stat so that
it is adjusted by more than just the alignment of who the character


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