Enough about multiplaying/decrypting passwords

From: Bob P. Dobbs (slack@ACCESSCOM.COM)
Date: 08/27/98

I'm sick of the spam about these two topics.
My thought is this.  No matter how stringent your rules are, someone will
find a way to break them.  Period.  If you're not interested in doing any
policing you shouldn't run a mud.  Ok, end of my rant about multiplaying.

I posted two notes previously about two very interesting (imo) mods to
circle and got next to no response...and this irks me as I thought this
mailing list was puported to deal with coding issues and not meaningless
ranting about fascict police-MUD-states.

In any case:  I had two ideas, one about a "Mental Endurance" stat, and
one about a "banality" characteristic for items/zones that would effect
their performance in different themed areas.  Does anyone have even a
rough idea of where I could begin to tweak with the code for either of
those two concepts?


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