Re: Enough about multiplaying/decrypting passwords

From: Marc Gale (MARC@BGC.AC.UK)
Date: 08/27/98

> I posted two notes previously about two very interesting (imo) mods to
> circle and got next to no response...and this irks me as I thought this
> mailing list was puported to deal with coding issues and not meaningless
> ranting about fascict police-MUD-states.

I'm sorry, I think I lost your mail in the sea of multi-play mail
which I deleted without a second glance once the interesting
discussion finished.

> In any case:  I had two ideas, one about a "Mental Endurance" stat, and
> one about a "banality" characteristic for items/zones that would effect
> their performance in different themed areas.  Does anyone have even a
> rough idea of where I could begin to tweak with the code for either of
> those two concepts?

Can you remind me about the mental endurance stat please?  If it is
just another stat, add an entry in structs.h where the rest of them
are (this will mean you have to convert/destroy the player file).

The banality characteristic.  I'm assuming you mean something like a
technology rating.  A highly technological doohicky won't work very
well - if at all - in a highly magical zone and vice versa.

One way to do it would be to give each zone a value showing the
rating.  Perhaps one in both magic and technology, or just one for
technology or your banality system, a rating from 0-100 would do

This would mean that you need to change the zone structure in
structs.h, play with the db.c where the zone files are loaded in, and
make sure you change the zone files.

Then, have an identical rating held in a value in the object
structure, again in structs.h.   And make an alias to refer to it in
utils.h.  Then, whatever code you need to write can pick up both the
rating of the object and the rating of the zone that the room belongs
to very quickly, and then you can do whatever you want with the

A quick way of doing it would be to give an object a min and max
rating, and when the object wants to be used, check the rating of the
zone, and then make sure it is within these boundaries.  If not, it
don't work.  This also means that you can have items that can be used
in all areas (0-100), some that are more technical (30-100), more
non-technical (0-70), or for use in a specific zone (88-88 assuming
only one zone has a rating of 88).

Of course, the scale can be expanded or shrunk to whatever you want.

Oops, I'm waffling again, probably because I'm going home in 5
minutes.  I just hope that I haven't completely missed the point of
your question and gone on to design something completely different.

Ah well.


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