Re: Limiting Multiplaying..

From: Scott Bowden (bowden@MEDIAONE.NET)
Date: 08/27/98

Unless you're the only immortal on your MUD, its not too much to ask of your
staff to once in a while check for multiplayers. If they suspect multiplaying,
they can ask the player about it and see if it is indeed multiplaying. It
is possible that it is due to an in-house LAN, or other reasons. Just because
two characters share an IP doesn't mean that it is necessarily the same person.
And yes, some people are going to lie and say they have an in-house network,
or that their college network causes it, or whatever, but punishing people
who did nothing wrong because you think that somebody else might possibly
do something wrong isn't all that great a way to keep players. Not only that,
some players don't realize that they aren't supposed to multiplay, and are
happy to comply when you ask them to remove one of their characters. Yes,
they should read the rules when they first come on, but sometimes they don't.
Plus sometimes they play on more than one MUD, and perhaps MUD A allows up to
2 logins at once while MUD B doesn't allow multiplaying, and they forgot which
MUD they were on or which MUD allowed it.

As for staying on your MUD 24/7, its not necessary. Anybody who multiplays
whenever they are on your MUD is going to run into an immortal eventually. They
might get away with it for a day or two but unless your MUD staff is totally
nonexistant, they are going to get caught if immortals just check what sites
are on occasionally.

On a related note: why not just write a function to detect multiplayers but not
actually do anything. Thats an easy solution. Find out who is on the same IP,
and confront them.

Just my thoughts.

  - Scott Bowden

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